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Having just done 18 months in chokey for committing land fraud and tax evasion, Nate Sidwell (Jim Caviezel) just wants to win back the love and trust of wife Robyn (Elisabeth Röhm) and sons Shane (Sterling Knight) and Kenny (Jake Cherry) and he thinks a camping holiday down Louisiana way may be just what the doctor ordered.

Unfortunately, bug-eyed loon Marek (bug-eyed loon James Frain) and his gang (sweaty, woefully miscast Harold Perrineau, blandly sexy Diora Baird and forgettable Ryan Donowho) have just violently robbed an armoured car and, for reasons that don’t make a whole lot of sense, have stashed the cash in amongst the Sidwell’s luggage in order to sneak the money through a roadblock. 

Once through the roadblock, the gang decide to get their swag back by unsuccessfully trying to run the Sidwells off the road.  Some erratic driving later, Robyn discovers the cash, jumps to the illogical conclusion that her recently paroled hubby has stolen the money and kicks him and the dosh to the kerb.  Unfortunately, the baddies will stop at nothing to get their money back, chasing and terrorising the family.  If the family’s going to survive, it’s up to Nate. 

Leaving aside the fact that the script doesn’t make a lick of sense and everything the characters (good and bad) do is completely illogical, Transit isn’t that bad.  Make no mistake, it’s not that good either but director Negret keeps things motoring right along, builds tension nicely and stages some decent action scenes. 

While Röhm frankly comes across as a bit of a shrew (Seriously, in Caviezel’s shoes if you had a choice between $4million in a bag or saving your wife who’s frankly a bit of a judgemental cow, what would you do?) and the usually reliable Perrineau fails to convince as a machete-wielding psycho, Caviezel and Frain are adequate as hero and villain respectively and, at just 84 minutes, at least Transit never gets the chance to wear out its welcome.  Fast-paced and tense, Transit’s an enjoyable little ride that you’ll have forgotten by the time you get to the cinema foyer.

David Watson
Directed by:
Written by:
Produced by:
1 hour 24 minutes
UK Cinema Release Date:
Friday 20th April 2012

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